Norell Prosthetics Orthotics (NPO) is concerned with the design, implementation, and fitting of custom orthoses, which are devices that help support or correct musculoskeletal deformities. These orthoses will allow the muscles, tendons, and bones of the feet and lower legs to function at their highest potential, while also relieving pain and helping to prevent progression of a deformity. Here at NPO we strive to provide the highest quality products and services to all of our patients. Below are a few of the services and products we offer.

Foot Orthotics - Several different styles and durometers of material from supportive to accommodative foot orthotics. Dress and sports orthotics are included.

Diabetic Foot Orthotics/Shoes
- Custom plastazote foot orthotics, extra depth and custom diabetic shoes. Also offer Crow-walkers, cam walker, diabetic boot, offload shoes.

Ankle Foot Orthosis - Short leg bracing due to deformities, fractures, and foot drop. Materials used: Plastic, metal, or any combination of both. We also offer the Arizona type AFO braces utilizing leather and other components.

KAFO Bracing - Long leg bracing usually worn by post-polio patients.
Materials used: Plastic, metal, or any combination of both.

Knee Bracing - All types of immobilizers and post-op knee braces as well as custom derotation and unloading braces for ACL injuries and osteoarthritis; Generation ll, CTI, Breg, Bledsoe type and DonJoy types available.

Cerebral Palsy Bracing - Educated and specializing in CP bracing (Cascade DAFO system) including plaster build-ups on foot pieces to ensure positive results.

Dynamic Splints - Spring loaded braces for all extremities and joints to help in contracture prevention including Saebo and comfy type.

Spinal Orthotics - We offer TLSO (Custom, rigid, semi-rigid), Cash/Jewett hyperextension braces, lumbosacral corsets, dorsolumbar braces. We also specialize in scoliosis bracing and post-surgical bracing.

Cervical Orthotics - These are for all types of neck injuries. We carry soft and rigid cervical collars, such as Aspen, Philadelphia, Miami J, and are able to fit HALO/Non-evasive HALOS and SOMI devices.

Shoulder Orthoses - Abduction stabilizer, subluxation inhibitor.

S.W.A.S.H. Bracing
- Hip orthosis which enables cerebral palsy children to sit without having to use their hands and keep them from scissoring when walking.
Hip Braces- Hip abduction braces.

Fracture Braces - Humeral, femoral, tibial, AC separation splints.

Medical Hosiery - Our facility is able to measure and fit compression garments for both lower and upper extremities. We also measure for custom garments.

Miscellaneous Products - Trusses, bunion splints, post-op shoes, diabetic support, rib belts, shoulder immobilizers, wrist splints, and Pavlik harnesses.

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